Japan and/or Asia representative of overseas trade magazines.
Domestic and overseas trade show exhibitor services including total planning, design, construction, printing and translation of materials.
Yukari-Media provides satisfaction to its clients with creative space design. We are a global company that can offer space design incorporating individuality with a clear purpose, following the client’s own concepts.

Planning and design construction of commercial and exhibition space.
Each project’s PR and advertisement activities, total planning, producing, printing for overseas and domestic exhibitions.
All related business translation and interpretation in each country

Our business activity is as a Japanese representative, exercising full power in Japan and Asia, of publishers of trade journals with the headquarters in foreign countries

Satisfied Clients

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd・Toshiba Corp・Tadano Ltd・ Hitachi Sumitomo Heavy Industries Construction Crane Co, Ltd.・ Kato Works Co., Ltd.・Furukawa Unic Corporation・ JVC Company of Japan, Ltd.・Tokyo Broadcasting System, Inc.・ Japan Broadcasting Corporation・Media International Corporation・ Fuji Television Network, Inc.・Japan Electronics Show Association・ Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation・Japan Nuclear Cycle Development Institute
other 40 listed companies