We will make a effective proposal that conforms to needs of the clients and current trends

From promotion planning to project design and construction execution at exhibitions.

Yukari Mediafs process of space composition is from planning based on the database to budget allocation and profit management, and we also compose a project from the management adviserfs point of view.
Our proposal is not only for visual elements such as design planning, lighting planning or wiring planning, but also their assumption such as testing the trading area, location, investigating rival shops, marketing planning and merchandising exhibition planning, in order for the space to perform up to its potential.

Making good use of free concepts and design technique

In Yukari media, the consistent system for design, construction, and even aftercare is straightforward, and we have expanded our business area to various kinds of fields while providing a high level of satisfaction to the clients.

And, the staff is promoting the reformation of the business considering each proposal. The design is a creative commodity where developers' individual sense of beauty and intelligence take part, and in which creativity, freshness, novelty, and story-making capability are in demand. We are working on the business of every day without depending too much on the experience and results while always making good use of a flexible concept and design technique.

Range of Business  International Fair & Event Service

A. Exhibition spaceiExhibitions, Trade fairs, Showrooms and morej

B. Event spaceiExpositions, Cultural events, PR events, Ceremonies and morej
  Significance is marketing a specific concept to a targeted market.
  Space-design that gets its message across.

The production of delicious food and an efficient kitchen and pursuit of a sensitive service environment.
From planning to management of a lively space where happiness and stimulation match.

Energetic space-creation that colorfully produces a concept
Space-creation that enriches sensibility and intelligence
Creating an environment with comfort for nature and humans

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